Octagonal Box
Conduits & Fittings
Steel City® is the industry leading product line of metallic switch and outlet boxes used in electrical construction. Since 1904, Steel City® products have symbolized the highest quality standards in manufacturing and innovative design, with one of the most complete offerings available.
Steel City® products are known for their simple improvements, such as being the first box offering to standardize combination slotted/phillips screws on all boxes. Thomas & Betts is also recognized as a leader in design innovation, as in our new metal stud bracket. Thomas & Betts continues to listen to contractors and responds to their everchanging needs.

  • Notched Ears on Switch Boxes
  • Universal Metal Stud Bracket
  • Eccentric Knockouts on Square Boxes
  • Improved 3/4″ Knockout Position on Square Boxes
  • Raised Ground Screw in Utility Boxes
  • Preinstalled Screws are Packaged in Raised Position

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