Channel (Galv Krom)
Channels & Support Systems
Designed so that the maximum number of support and framing applications can be constructed with a minimum amount of labor and pieces.

The 1-1/2″ dimension in the channel, hole spacing and fittings means all parts fit together, no matter where they are used, or at what angle.

The modular dimension provides maximum flexibility in field applications and results in saving inventory and labor.

Even though Kindorf Channel is slightly smaller in dimensions, it supports the same weight as 1-5/8″ channel.

The Kindorf System is designed so that most accessories are compatible with 1-5/8″ strut. Conduit and pipe straps will work equally well with 1-5/8″ and 1-1/2″ strut. In addition, 98% of 1-5/8″ accessories are interchangeable in Kindorf Channel.

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